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Vacuum Oven

IEC make Vacuum Ovens are widely finds its applications in industries such as chemical, electrical, electronics, plastics, automobile and food. These muffle furnace are also customized according to the customers given specifications and directions.
IEC make Vacuum Ovens used for providing heating of Volatile liquid having low flash points, degassing of solutions, drying of product mass under vacuum to cut down the drying time and other application are available with following features with high performance under quality and standards.
� Design as per International STD &cGMP regulations.
� Inside body made of stainless steel & outside body available in mild steel powder coated (STD model) OR stainless steel with dull smooth buff (GMP model).
� Toughened glass temperature resistant Observation window.
� Temperature controlled by microprocessor based PID controller with digital display.
� Printer interfacing facility to generate records (optional).
� PC Interfacing facility with RS 485 for data management (optional).
� Door with positive clamping arrangement & silicon gasket.
� Stainless steel perforated removable trays.
� Vacuum Gauge, Vacuum Release Valve and Vacuum Nozzle.
� Works on 230V AC Single Phase 50Hz (country specific).

Vacuum Oven

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