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Digital Timer I-Time KTM Series


Digital Timer I-Time KTM Series

I-Time Digital Timer I-Time KTM Series
We offer KTM Series i-time brand two types of digital timer they are digital time controller single set point & digital time controller double set point.
KTM-XX3 Series MODELS – KTM-443 , KTM-773, KTM-993, KTM-883, KTM-663
KTM-XX6 Series MODELS – KTM-446 , KTM-776, KTM-996, KTM-886, KTM-666
KTM-XX8 Series MODELS – KTM-448 , KTM-778, KTM-998, KTM-888, KTM-668
For Detail Specification See Below Mentioned Website Link For Digital Timer

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